8th March, International Women’s Day

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Again came , “The International Women”s Day”. The journey that started years back

In the way, women got to know the strength in her wings and she took off. Although

this is just the start of a beautiful expedition, the destination is yet far away. But will 

she ever reach her destiny living in a society which is ready to slaughter her wings 

every now and then. On every women’s day, the society yells about respecting women

and the very next day she is perished, fighting for her own existence. The society claims 

to give her equal status as men but with number of stipulations laid down just for her.

Even the song of the famous pop singer Beyonce ,  “If I Were A Boy” seems to criticize

all the showoffs of a hypocrite society which claims to modern in all its forms.The songs  

is girl’s plea for freedom. The freedom that she has to beseech as a daughter from her

parents, as a girlfriend from her boyfriend and as a wife from her husband. Just allowing

her to wear short skirts doesn’t make you unprejudiced towards her in any sense. Moreover,

the day when they will be allowed to leave their houses late at night without even brooding

about their safety,the day when they will not be told by men what to do and what not, when

their decisions will be respected, that will make the society liberal towards them in true aspects,

that will be the day when a women will celebrate the women,s day veritably…