A Simple Introduction To Parallel Universe

Imagine a physicist sitting in a chamber with a gun pointed directly at her head.

Every few seconds, the spin direction of a random particle in the room is measured. If the particle is spinning one direction then the gun goes off and the physicist dies. If the particle is spinning in the opposite direction, there’s just a clicking sound and the physicist survives.

She has a 50/50 chance of surviving, right? This scenario with the physicist and the gun is the start of a famous thought experiment called “quantum suicide,” and it’s one way for physicists to consider if we really are living in just one of many (and potentially infinitely many) universes.

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This thought experiment relies on quantum mechanics and the idea that there is no single objective reality. Everything that we see around us is just one possible configuration of all the probabilities of any one thing happening. One interpretation of quantum mechanics is that all the other arrangements of probabilities could exist in their own separate universe. So if you follow the thought experiment all the way through with this idea in mind, then the second that first particle is measured, the universe splits into two universes, based on two possible outcomes: one in which the physicist lives and one in which she dies.Her survival is now tied to a quantum probability, so she’ll be both dead and alive at once – just in different universes.

In simple words for every possible outcomes our personality Gets divided into multiple parts through different universe all with same identities but different future. Recently Hawkings explained parallel universe stuff in a comical way stating “In a random parallel universe zyan malik would still be a part of one direction working on a album of Thiers”.

These multiple personalities do interact in some rare cases giving birth to insane stuffs such as “deja vu”. Our next article would be focusing on this topic in detail stay tuned !!


New Horizons Has Caught Its First Color Pic of Pluto

Pluto and Charon imaged by New Horizons on April 9, 2015 Pluto and Charon imaged by New Horizons on April 9, 2015

In a historic first – just one of many that will be made over the next several months, to be sure! – the New Horizons spacecraft captured its first color image of Pluto and its partner/satellite Charon on April 9 from a distance of 71 million miles – about equivalent to that between Venus and the Sun. The orange blobs above are the two worlds locked in an orbital dance a mere 12,200 miles apart… that’s 20 times less than the distance between Earth and the Moon!

The image was captured with New Horizons’ “Ralph” instrument, a Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC) built for the mission by Ball Aerospace (which is a spinoff of the same company that became famous in the U.S. for its glass canning jars.)

Ralph is one of six science instruments aboard New Horizons; it is paired with…

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