Stretch Your Wings & Fly

break free

Human beings like every other creature were born free, but it looks like we are no long at liberty .

There is a bondage that is epidemic. Each one of us is locked in some kind of prison, whether physical or mental.

Furthermore we keep brooding, “what if I do this ..”? What everyone else is going to think..? & somewhere in 

the mid of this we despairingly fasten ourselves to hefty invisible chains. We will never realize our existence unless

we break these chains & do what we are really eager to do. The grave problem is that we have slaughtered the “mini me”

inside us to feed the useless convictions of our brain & that gently yelling voice of our conscience has faded away

which once told us to do all that gave us joy & immense satisfaction. Finally the “mini me” dies & we end up 

complaining that we had a boring & miserable life. All the way through this we never realize that the key to these chains

are within us & we spend all our lives in slavery. So we really need to discover what creates peace for us & we will

start loving whatever we do. All one requires is to  let go off one’s fear because if you want to end the story of your

life , the way you decide, all you got to do is “break the chains & fly high”……….



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